How To Revive Your Lawn For Warmer Weather

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How To Revive Your Lawn For Warmer Weather – A long, cold winter can have some negative effects on your lawn, so it’s important to pay extra attention to your landscape this spring. With warm weather here, trees are starting to bud, and your lawn is finally free of the layers of snow it’s been under for the last few months. Check out these tips on how to revive your lawn for the warmer weather this year.

  • Rake and Remove: Haul out the old wheelbarrow to collect accumulated winter debris. Rake up old leaves that have gathered in damp piles around your yard, and remove tiny twigs that have fallen from trees over the winter. This quick sweep of the yard will result in an instant upgrade.
  • Brown Grass = Bad Grass: Once night temperatures reach 35 degrees and up, your winter lawn will slowly start turning green again. However, you may notice brown patches here and there, spoiling the look of your once pretty yard. Give the brown grass a little tug, and if it pulls out easily, that patch has got to go. Trim the surrounding areas of the unhealthy spot and yank up all the dead grass. These areas can be easily re-seeded to grow healthy new patches of green.
  • Scatter Seeds: Visit your local hardware or gardening shop to purchase new grass seeds to plant as soon as the ground thaws. Water the seeds daily to keep the soil damp, and use a high phosphorous fertilizer to encourage nourishing growth. Make sure to let the grass grow at least 3 inches before you mow it as mowing too soon can traumatize its progression.
  • Maintain your Mower: Take the time to give your lawnmower some routine maintenance. Dull blades can result in uneven grass that can lead to discoloration and unwelcome pathogens. Additionally, a change in spark plug and air filters can restore your mower’s efficiency.
  • Air it out: After particularly difficult winters, lawns can become compacted and constricted cutting off necessary nutrients. For a lawn’s ecosystem to remain healthy, the soil needs to be loose so that air and water can enter and escape. Luckily homeowners can buy or rent aerators from hardware or lawn care stores to ventilate and freshen soil.

Winter may have taken quite a toll on your lawn this year, but a little bit of thoughtful attention will help get your lawn back to all of it’s former glory. Start with these tips and for even more ways to revive your lawn this spring, click here or here.