Things To Do In Perrysburg, Ohio – December, 2015

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Things To Do In Perrysburg, Ohio – December, 2015 – There is something for everyone in Perrysburg, Ohio during the month of December.  Here are 5 things to do in Perrysburg, Ohio this December.

1. Horse Drawn Carriages

Date: Saturdays, November 28th-January 2nd

Location: Levis Commons

Every Saturday through the 2nd of January, take a winter ride in a magical carriage drawn by horses. Rides are just $5 per person or $10 per family.


2. Holiday Crafting for Charity

Date: December 4th

Location: Levis Commons

All money from this local holiday show benefits The Epilepsy Center of Northern Ohio. The show is free, and raffle prizes from local business will be up for grabs!


3. Visit the Glass House at TMA

Date: Class Times Vary

Location: Toledo Museum of Art

Visit one of the largest and most extensive collections of glass art at TMA this season. This renown-stunning exhibit will take your breath away.


4. Fort Meigs Holiday Open House

Date: December 13th

Location: Fort Meigs Battlefield

Join in the Visitor’s Center holiday celebration at Fort Meigs! Soldiers in historical dress will be present sharing historical facts. Holiday music and refreshments will available, as well as fun, hands-on activities.


5. Drink and Eat Local at Swig Restaurant!

Location: 219 Louisiana Ave

Serving local brews and homemade in house sausages and hot dogs, Swig gastro pub is a fun way to spend an evening. Check out their music calendar to catch some great tunes as well!


NEW! 7759 Harvest Gold Drive in Holland, Ohio


NEW! 7759 Harvest Gold Drive in Holland, Ohio

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Stunning Holland Home. Pristine and a perfect 10 Plus! Immaculate and gorgeous. Open floor plan. 4 bedrooms.. Large yard. New kitchen counter tops. All new hardware throughout. First floor master. Elegant light fixtures. Cathedral ceiling. Ready to move into!

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Budgeting Tips For Renovating Your Bathroom

Budgeting Tips For Renovating Your Bathroom

Budgeting Tips For Renovating Your Bathroom- Renovating any room in your house can be an expensive task no matter what you’re doing. Of course you want to spruce it up and give it a new vibe, but at what cost? Renovating your bathroom on a tight budget can be a difficult task; however, with the right resources and priorities, it can be done right. Here are five budgeting tips to help you with costs while renovating your bathroom.

Ask a professional- To some homeowners, hiring a professional to assist with the renovation of your bathroom seems like a huge expense. In some cases it can be, but it’s worth it. They will be able to act as a consultant and resource when it comes to getting your dream renovation completed on a budget.

Cut labor fees- Whether you’re a DIY’er or not, chip in some elbow grease to save on the cost of labor. If you’re cutting down the number of people working on your bathroom renovation by helping out, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Don’t move plumbing- If you can help it, don’t move your plumbing around. A lot of your budget can be eaten up by extra labor and materials needed if you’re trying to move things around, so if you can avoid it you should.

Small changes go a long way- Some of the most noticeable changes in a renovated bathroom is the hardware. Updating the faucets, shower head and drawer pulls is an small and inexpensive change that could make a world of difference when it comes to the look of your bathroom.

Ventilation- Believe it or not, this is something that is often overlooked when people remodel their bathroom. Ventilation is key in making sure your bathroom stays free of mold and mildew, which could be a very large expense somewhere down the line.

Remodeling a bathroom in your home can be fun – and necessary – but it can also be expensive. Do your part to cut down on costs and you will be more satisfied in the long run. To learn more about budgeting tips for renovating your bathroom, visit here.

Smart Ways to Save for a Down Payment

smart ways to save for a downpayment

Smart Ways to Save for a Down Payment

Are you setting up to make a real estate purchase in the next few years? If so, you’re probably trying to save up your funds to make a down payment. For most mortgages, a 20% down payment of the purchase point of the home is required, and that much money can take time to save. You might already have started planning on how you’re going to save enough to make a down payment, but wouldn’t you like to save smarter? We’ve rounded up our best tips for saving your hard-earned funds to make a down payment on the home of your dreams. Keep them in mind and your savings will add up in no time!

Here are our tips for saving up for your down payment:

  • Lower the cost of your expenses. You can save a lot of money by making sure you’re getting the best deal for what you’re already paying for. Don’t use cable TV often? Get rid of it and stick with your Netflix or Hulu account. Can you get a better price on your insurance or phone plan? Do your research and get the most bang for your buck.
  • Create a budget and stick to it. You’re probably already trying to save, but putting a plan in writing will show you exactly how much you are spending and where you can cut back. It will also help keep you on track. There are a number of convenient online tools and apps that can make this easier. Try com for a tool that you can access on your phone and your computer.
  • Increase your income. Sounds obvious, right? You might be picking up more hours at your job, but there are several ways to make a little more cash to put towards your down payment. Try freelancing or getting a part-time job to make some money on the weekends. You can also have a garage sale or sell any old or unnecessary items on eBay.

Saving up for a down payment can seem intimidating, but it’s all about preparation and good planning. Start early and keep these tips in mind and your hard work will pay off. Happy saving!

Getting Prepared For Your Move

Feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to get done before you move? Well take a deep breath and relax because here is a checklist for all of your moving to-do’s. This checklist has from one month prior to moving all the way until you are unpacking.

One month before moving

  • Change your address with the post office and IRS

  • Hire a moving company or rent a moving vehicle

  • Transfer or get copies of medical records (and school records if you have children).

  • Update your insurance policies (Home, auto etc.)

  • Check with your insurance company to see if your belongings are covered during the move.

  • Cancel your plans with cable, telephone, newspaper, lawn,  and home security companies

  • Change your address with magazine and newspaper subscriptions and creditors.

2 Weeks Prior to moving

  • Cancel utility service for the day after your move date.

  • Purchase packing supplies (boxes, tape, markers, and so on).

  • Make travel arrangements on moving day and any special arrangements for small children and/or pets

  • Start packing, boxing items systematically and labeling them accordingly. If you can, type out a list of what general items are in each box so you have a master list.

** Neat Note** Set aside items you will need immediately and make a note to load this box up last

1 Week Prior to moving

  • Confirm reservation with moving company or rental truck company.

  • Gather and set aside important documents (don’t pack these—carry them with you during the move)

  • Close/transfer bank accounts (if switching banks) and order checks with your new address.

  • Send out change of address cards to friends, relatives, neighbors and organizations

  • Clean! (appliances, carpet, walls)

Day before the move

  • Take out cash to give as tips to the movers (if you hired)

  • Buy bottles of water for you and anyone helping you

  • Pack the last of your items and leave out one small suitcase for your pajamas and toiletries.


  • Write down utility meter readings to check against final bill.

  • Supervise movers (if you hired) and confirm final details (address, delivery time, and so on).

  • Arrive at your new house before the movers do.

  • Let a friend or family member know your travel plans.

After you have moved

  • Change your address with DMV— update driver’s license and plates (if moving out of state). Allow about two weeks for arrival.

  • Change your address with your employer

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