Fun Labor Day Ideas


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Fun Labor Day Ideas – Labor Day is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with those important to you. Take advantage of the three day weekend with some exciting excursions! Here are a few fun Labor Day ideas to shake things up a bit this year.

Hit the Trails: Take advantage of this last bit of warm weather and visit your local state or community park with the most and best winding trails. Pack some granola and water and head for the hills for a day of exercise and family time.

Themed BBQ- This year, host a neighborhood BBQ with a theme. Pick something festive such as Luau, or go a bit wackier with an 80’s theme. Plan a menu around your theme along with décor and costumes. It’ll be a blast to see what your neighbors come up with and the pictures will live forever!

Minor League Baseball Game: Support the minor league team nearest your hometown for a night of peanuts and crackerjacks at “the old ballgame!” Minor league games tend to be a bit cheaper to the ticket, and more family oriented, so it’s a win-win for all!

Staycation: Planning a 3-day whirlwind trip can be too much at times. This year plan a staycation at home with special events peppered throughout the weekend. Camp out in your backyard, try a new restaurant or museum in your city, or plan a special movie night with buttered popcorn and candy!

Geocaching: Geocaching is the perfect treasure hunt adventure for your entire family. Using GPS devices, participants use coordinates to seek out hidden containers that can be found virtually anywhere in the world. Visit to find a quest near you!

Day Trip It: Pull out a map, pick a tourist destination within 2-3 hours, and plan a day-long adventure to your new destination! You can finally go on that winery tour you’ve been dying to try, or spend the day on a lakeside shore.

Theme or Water Park: As the days grow cooler, theme parks start to shut their doors for the winter months. Take advantage of Labor Day specials and visit your favorite theme or water park for the day. Get there early to avoid bad traffic and long lines.

Whatever adventure you pick, choose one that makes for a special, family centered Labor Day.


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