Pros And Cons Of A Solar Panel In Your Home


Pros And Cons Of A Solar Panel In Your Home – Wanting to go green with your home? If you are considering installing a solar panel, you might want to consider all the pros and cons before taking the plunge. Check out the helpful list below to get started.


  1. Sustainability: When you install a solar panel in you home, you are installing a green and renewable energy source. Solar power is unlimited and cannot be over-consumed. Furthermore, solar power technology is always improving as engineers search for ways to use greener materials for the panels as well as increase the panels’ energy gathering potential.
  2. Lowers electricity costs: According to, installing one solar panel could reduce your electric bill by $100 a month! This can add up greatly over the years. To reduce costs even more, homeowners can lease or choose power purchase deals to eliminate the upfront expenses of installing the panels.
  3. No or little maintenance: Your solar panel is at low-risk of breaking down because it has no machine parts. Panels are also relatively easy to install. The most you’ll need to do is have the panel cleaned just a few times a year to maximize its efficiency, as solar panels have long lives.


  1. Expense: Solar panels can be very expensive upfront. There are tax subsidies and green energy programs that do help lower costs, but we still have a ways to go before prices are within reasonable range for more homeowners. Furthermore, it will likely take more than one solar panel to sufficiently run your home, depending on its size and floor plan.
  2. Consistency: While solar panels fuel energy during the day, they are not able to generate electricity at night and sometimes even on very cloudy days. Solar batteries to store energy can be purchased, but they are an additional cost on top of the already expensive panel.
  3. Pollution: Some of the manufacturing processes for producing solar panels have been known to contribute to greenhouse gases and other types of pollution. Additionally, the process of installing the panels can contribute to pollution as well. However once in place, they emit no harmful chemicals.

By weighing your options carefully and doing a little research, you can make the right choice for your home. Going green may not always be what it seems, so it is important to evaluate all your options before purchasing a solar energy panel. Furthermore, there may be other systems that are better for your home and your pocket book, but just as green and energy friendly.


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