How To: Give Your Kitchen a Modern Look


How To: Give Your Kitchen a Modern Look– Looking to spruce up your kitchen or dining space? Why not go for a modern look? An improved modern kitchen does not have to mean an expensive overhaul! Follow these next few tips on how to give your kitchen a modern look on a budget.

  1. Update Small Appliances: A modern look usually means stainless steel or black appliances. Is a new refrigerator or range out of your budget? No problem! Update your smaller appliances such as microwaves and toasters for a sleek, more modern look. A touch of steel or shiny black in your new kitchen will definitely get you headed in the right direction.
  2. Update Your Cabinetry: What looked great ten years ago may not look so great today. Cabinet styles can change drastically over the years. Give your kitchen a more modern look with some new cabinetry. Go for a dark wood or a bright white for a bold and beautiful change. If this is out of your budget, try adding some sleek stainless steel handles to your old cabinets. Even the small details will turn your kitchen into a new oasis.
  3. Paint the Walls: Liven up your kitchen space with a fresh, new paint color. If you are going for a modern look try a cool shade of grey. Slate grey or light grey are two great options. If the modern look is not for you, give your kitchen a bright and warm feel with a pop of color! This is an inexpensive and reasonable way to give your kitchen an updated look.
  4. Update Your Dining Furniture: The great thing about t a modern look is that it does not have to be expensive! A lot of retailers offer light and modern looking kitchen furniture at reasonable prices. Go for a sleek look with an industrial style table and seating. Keep things simple with a metal table and black chairs. The options are endless! And totally in your budget.
  5. Update the Tile: Check out your nearest home improvement store and pick out a new modern tile for your kitchen update. A new look does not have to burn a hole in your wallet. Try one of these new materials- hardwood, laminate, linoleum, or polished concrete. A polished concrete look will put you in the modern hemisphere. Not for you? You will be surprised with how many tiling options are out there!

Updating your kitchen does not have to mean spending a fortune. The modern look is more popular than ever. The best part about it is that it is extremely affordable and easy to do! Try these tips and let us know what you think!

Leave a comment below telling us how these tips helped you, or what other tips you may have for updating your kitchen on a budget!


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