5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer

5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer - Pam Strassner1

5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer – It’s finally summer and you’re probably looking for activities to keep your kids busy this season. For some great ways to keep your kids entertained and having fun this summer, check out our suggestions.

1. Summer Reading Programs – Just because they just finished the school year doesn’t mean they’re finished learning. Reading doesn’t always mean boring literature and there are plenty of books that your kids will enjoy.  Need some help getting them motivated?  Check out your local library and bookstores.  Many have summer reading programs that will get your kids motivated with awesome prizes and incentives.

2. Zoos, Museums, and Science Centers – Learning is a continual process and sending your kids to see animals, art, or educational experiments is always a great idea.  Not only will your kids learn, but also they will have a blast doing it. There are plenty of great opportunities out there to explore.

3. Rec. League Sports – Sports are a great way to engage your child.  Sure, they “build” character and all that jazz, but sports actually reveal character and are just plain fun.  Look at recreation centers around your community to find out what sports are available.  Then, figure out if it’s time to encourage your kids to play their favorite or to try out a new one.

4. Summer Camps – Summer camps are a great opportunity for your child to have fun and form lasting friendships. They provide your child with an immense number of opportunities.  Consider church camps, scout camps, or YMCA summer camps.  Keep in mind that there are plenty of other kinds of camps that don’t require you to send your child away.  Search for sports, music, or theatre day-camps to give your kids a week of fun.

5. Volunteering – Just because your kids have a break, doesn’t mean everyone does.  School may be out, but homeless kitchens, trash pick-ups, and other philanthropic or nature-centric initiatives are still in full-swing.  Encourage your child to volunteer this summer and they might find it a very rewarding experience.

All of these suggestions are great ways to keep your kids engaged until school starts again and there are plenty of activities for them to do. What are some of your favorite summertime activities to do with your kids? Comment to share them with us.


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