Home Maintenance Checklist

There are things that should be checked out yearly on your home. There is that routine maintenance that needs checked and done to prevent major problems. Are you new to all of this and don’t quite know what to check, look at the checklist below to help you out.


  • Check your roof out. You want to make sure there are no leaks. Make sure you look around the roof, vents, skylights, and chimneys.

  • If your attic has no ridge vent, make sure you keep the gable vents open year-round to ensure the proper ventilation.

  • Clean out your gutters and drain the pipes. It don’t want to leave them clogged, you want to be sure they drain away from the house. Drain your outside faucets too.

  • Replace your filters or clean them once a month or as needed. Clean and check out the dryer vent, air conditioner, stove hood, and room fans. Make sure the vents are clean and free from furniture or draperies.

  • Make sure all of your safety equipment works. Such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers. You need to replace batteries as needed or at least twice a year.

  • In the fall, remove window air conditioner units and put weatherproof covers on them.

  • Make sure your refrigerator doors are sealed airtight. If you have a coil-back refrigerator then vacuum the coils at least twice a year. Stock up too, a full refrigerator uses less energy than an empty one.

  • Check for leaky faucets throughout the house and replace washers as necessary.

  • Seal your drafty doors and windows.

  • In the fall, take down screens and replace with storm windows. In the spring, remove storm windows, clean and store them and check and patch screens and put back up.

  • Look for cracks or holes in the house siding or paint. Replace the caulk if necessary.

  • Check your basement walls for dampness and clean your dehumidifier if you have one.

  • Have your heating system serviced in the fall.

  • In the fall, drain your hot water heater and remove the sediment from the bottom of the tank.

For more helpful tips on how to keep up with the maintenance of your home check out this website.


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